because we care about our community and our environment

using only plant-based ingredients | plant-based ingredients are a more sustainable option and require less natural resources to produce.  As more people are switching to non-dairy, we decided to just cut to the chase and make it our only option.

promoting reusable cups | while we understand that drinking coffee out of a white paper cup is the norm for many coffee drinkers, we try to remind our visitors to develop the habit of bringing in their own reusable cup if they're taking their coffee on the go.  In order to help us with this, we charge an extra 25 cents for every to-go cup we give out.  It's not a punishment - just our way of looking out.

recycling coffee grounds | we collect all of the coffee grounds that we use so that they can be recycled as fertilizer and compost or for other uses (scrubs, deodorizers, etc.).  Coffee grounds still have lots of nutrients and uses after they're used - we want to get the most out of them that we can instead of just letting them sit in a landfill and produce methane.

making house-made syrups | when coffee shops buy syrups, they use a new bottle every time they run out.  This increases the amount of glass and plastic that is recycled or thrown in the trash.  These syrups often tend to include artificial colors and flavors that just don't need to exist in our drinks.  By making our own syrups, we produce a great, natural product and keep reusing the same glass bottle we started out with.


purchasing from thrift stores | while we would love to get cool mugs with our logo on them, we can't justify bulk ordering new mugs when there are plenty of quirky mugs in thrift stores.  As we need to make certain purchases, we like to use thrift stores as our go-to option so that we can reuse and perhaps repurpose items that already exist.

as we grow, we will continuously look for more opportunities for the eleventh house to utilize sustainable practices.


notice something we're doing that could be more sustainable? let us know.