served at The Spot Tavern every friday 8am-3pm


Diner Coffee

Tinker ​Coffee Conduit Blend

AeroPress Cup (8oz)

Rotating Single Origin from Tinker Coffee


V60 Pour-Over

Rotating Single Origin from Tinker Coffee

Cold Brew

Roseline Catapult Blend


Sweet Potato Latte

Sweet Potato - Garam Masala - Cinnamon - Toasted Marshmallow - Aeropress - Oat Milk

Curry Leaf Latte

Curry Leaves - Green Chili Seeds - Coconut Milk - Lime Zest - Aeropress - Oat Milk

Chinese Five Spice Mocha

Cocoa Powder - Vanilla - Chinese Five Spice - Aeropress - Oat Milk

Orange + Cinnamon Mocha

Orange Peel - Orange Bitters - Cinnamon - Cocoa Powder - Vanilla - Aeropress - Oat Milk


Matcha Mint Latte

Matcha - Peppermint Oil - Choice of M*lk

Gin Gin Sipping Broth (Spicy!)

Ginger - Turmeric - Lemon - Cayenne - Cinnamon - Honey - Gin Gins Ginger Candy

Ancho Chili Hot Chocolate

Ancho Chili Powder - Cayenne - Cinnamon


An AeroPress is a device used for brewing coffee.  It is a plunger-like system that uses pressure to brew coffee.  We like the Aeropress because there are so many different ways to brew with it.  In place of espresso, we use "Aeropresso" in our specialty drinks.  "Aeropresso" is our term for a concentrated "press" of coffee that is still delicious and loaded with caffeine.

Our AeroPress cups are about 8oz.  We switch up the way we brew with an AeroPress based on the coffee we are featuring that way. We are always trying to bring out the best flavors in all of the coffees we bring in.

AeroPress is best enjoyed immediately.  As the cup cools, the flavors of the coffee change allowing for a really unique drinking experience.